Whether it’s a great idea for an ad campaign, a moving monologue in a stage performance, or the ability to play an agitated auntie in a holiday commercial; creativity is what fuels our industry.  And yet, with countless shopping excursions, holiday parties, family obligations, and fewer hours of daylight, this season can leave us mentally exhausted and less than inspired.

 Need a bit of creative resuscitation?  Here are some ideas:

 -Try doing nothing.  Literally.  Sit completely still and allow your thoughts to wander.  Sometimes our best ideas come to us when we aren’t trying to “produce” creativity.

 -Visit and spend some time gazing at images that inspire you.  Just type a key word or two into the search field and embark on a vacation of the mind!  Some recent keywords I’ve searched to find inspiration are: grassy meadow, beach, Paris.

 -Practice creativity in another discipline.  Jog your brain into embarking upon a “new” creative process.  Are you an actor?  Try writing a short story.  It only needs to be a couple paragraphs long.  Are you a copy writer?  Try memorizing a monologue or sonnet and perform it…even if only to yourself in a mirror. 

 -Step away from your work.  You can do it.  You REALLY can.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  VERY few people are working, very few shows have performances.  Don’t log onto your work account.  Don’t run through your lines.  Don’t practice that monologue for your upcoming audition.  Give yourself a break so that when it’s time to step back into work, you can do so refreshed and ready to let the creativity flow!

 Warm wishes for a Happy Holidays and a creative New Year!


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