Producer Perks

Auditions are free of charge!  We can schedule and record your voice and on-camera auditions here at NUTS.  Auditions will be posted to our website and an agent will send you a link to your auditions.

All NUTS agents have both acting and directing experience.  We pride ourselves on our ability to direct talent into their best audition performance.

Want to conduct your On-Camera auditions using our studio?  No Problem! We take care of scheduling and will also render your video and send you a link to the auditions, giving you the chance to meet our talent in person and direct the auditions.

As agents, we know our talent, can clearly articulate their skill set and provide you with insight that goes beyond the resume.  If you have any questions about a talent you’re considering, just ask!

We love partnering with our clients to ensure the best possible outcome on their project.  We listen for the question behind the question.  Whether you’re coming at the project with minimal experience booking talent or have been at it for years – we’re ready to jump in and help you every step of the way.


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